Wednesday, December 7, 2016


November was a busy month the the MHS Student Council.

We started off the month with the CDMASC Conference on November 9th at Tantasqua High School. CDMASC conferences occur biannually with high schools from all across our region of the state. Our reps had a TON of fun learning how to be better leaders and adding to their leadership experience. The theme of the conference was Pixar which was flawlessly incorporated into many aspects of the workshop. Some of our reps even led a workshop called "Do You See What I See?" In this workshop, they taught the reps from other schools how to see the other person's side of things when planning an event. We learned a lot of important lessons from each of the workshops and this was a great bonding experience for the council. The guest speaker was David Muise which our reps really liked and we hope to hear from him again in the future. We sent out a google form after the conference and the feedback we received was mostly positive and we can't wait to go the next CDMASC conference in the spring!

The CDMASC Bocce tournament at Westborough High School was on November 13th. We brought 28 reps and it was a great bonding experience for the council. The upperclassmen drove the underclassmen and it was a great way for us to spend time with people we haven't always talked to before. It was amazing to see the Special Olympics participants having an amazing time as well and we cheered them on the whole time!

During the week before Thanksgiving, the council hosted a can drive for the Medfield Food Cupboard. We have double days where the cans would be double the points and at the end of the week, we tallied up the points to get a winner! The class with the most points was Ms. Safer's class. After school on Friday, November 18th, the council went to the food cupboard to help sort the cans. We had so many reps, it only took a few hours to sort them all!

Powderpuff is an annual event that the council hosts every year in the week before Thanksgiving. It is a football game for junior and senior girls with junior and senior football players from the high school team. It's a great way for the girls to have fun and play under the lights with many of the other girls in their grade. 

In the three days leading up to the pep rally, the council hosted a Spirit Week to get everyone pumped for Pep Rally and the Thanksgiving Day Football game. Monday was Color Day where the freshmen wore yellow, sophomores wore green, juniors wore red, and seniors wore black. Tuesday was Boston Sports Jersey Day where students could wear Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox, or Revolution jerseys. Wednesday was Medfield Pride Day where students wore the t-shirts that the PTO gave us and anything else blue and white. 

One of our biggest events this month was the Pep Rally. The morning before the Pep Rally, we did Honk for Spirit where the reps stood in the parking lots with signs to have everyone driving in honk. It was a simple event but we had so much fun! Our theme was community and we tried our hardest to incorporate many aspects of the town. We raffled off gift cards from businesses in town, and we had a segment with moms of some of the students in the school. The Best Buddies Club did a dance with the cheer team and the football team did a dance as well. Overall, the pep rally was a success and we had such great feedback to help make next year's Pep Rally even better.

Upcoming events: Candy Cane Drive (12/19 - 12/23) , Angel Run (12/4), Winter Break (12/24 - 1/2)

Sunday, November 20, 2016


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Powderpuff and Can Drive

On Thursday, November 17th Student Council will be hosting the annual Powderpuff football game for the junior and senior girls at 6 pm. Registration will start at 5:30 and admission to the game consists of cans for the Can Drive. We would love to have as many fans as possible to support our girls participating in the game. The senior girls will be coached by five senior boys from the football team and the junior girls will be coached by five junior boys from the football team. We look forward to a huge turnout and can't wait to see who will take home the win this year!

All next week, 11/14 - 11/18, Student Council will also be having their annual can drive supporting the Medfield Food Cupboard. This drive greatly benefits the Food Cupboard and we are trying to beat our record from last year! Each can will equal one point for that first period class and the class with the most at the end will win a breakfast! There will also be two double days where the cans will be worth double points for first period classes. The flyer attached outlined what type of food we are looking for. Thank you so much for your support.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pep Rally Participation Agreement

Please see below for the Pep Rally Participation Agreement for all those participating in the 2016 MHS Pep Rally


I understand that by participating in the Pep Rally, I am not only representing myself and my team/organization, but I am also representing the Student Council and all of Medfield High School.
I understand the Student Council, Ms. Safer, and Mr. Sperling are all going to approve this event. If I change the script/dance in any way from the approved script/dance or exhibit inappropriate behavior I understand that there will be consequences.

I understand that the Student Council, Ms. Safer, and Mr. Sperling are all going to approve the outfits for this event.  If I change my outfit in any way from the approved outfit I understand that there will be consequences.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


October was a busy month for our student council members. We added a few more representatives in the freshmen class with regular elections and walk-on applications. This totals our council to 63 members.

We also hosted a Student Government workshop for all Student Government representatives. We helped the reps with leadership skills and outlined the responsibilities for each position. The ice breakers and activities were designed to help them embrace challenges and prepare them for every situation they could possibly face throughout the year.

One of our biggest events was the Spirit Dance and Spirit Week. In the beginning of the month, the council organized a Spirit Week which led up to the homecoming football game with the Spirit Dance after the game. Tuesday was storm coming and students wore storm gear as if they were preparing for a storm. Wednesday was The Great Outdoors where students wore anything that had to do with nature such as animal costumes and camouflage. Thursday was Vacation Day and students wore leis and tacky tourist outfits. Friday was white out to go along with the theme of the football game and the Spirit Dance. We had a lot of people at both the game and the dance and both were a huge hit!

The council volunteered at New Life in Walpole on Columbus Day to help organize furniture, assemble bed frames, and put sheet sets together. New Life is an organization that accepts donations of furniture and household items, warehouses them and then makes them available at no charge to those in need. We had a lot of fun working together and helping our community at the same time.

The Executive Board members went to Holy Cross for a MASC Officer Shop on 11/20 to learn how to be better leaders within our council and gain new ideas on how to make our existing and future events better. We met many new types of people and the activities we participated in allowed us to branch out of our comfort zone to be more confident in ourselves.

Upcoming events: Powderpuff (11/18), Can Drive (11/14-11/18), CDMASC Fall Conference (11/9), Pep Rally (11/23), Spirit Week, (11/21-11/23)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Attention all junior and senior girls: Powderpuff forms and money are outside of Ms. Safer's room for all those interested. The forms are due THIS Friday (11/4) and the game will be played on Friday, November 18th. Registration (which includes a shirt) is $15 with a check made out to Medfield High School. Please don't hesitate to ask anyone on student council if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 1, 2016


September was extremely busy for the MHS Student Council. The new E-board has been working hard to make sure the upcoming year will be the best one yet. With a new council, we are excited to have many new ideas bring to the table.

We hosted the Class of 2020's Student Council elections and Student Government elections, as well as the Walk-On applications for the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 for Student Council.

We also had the Freshman Welcome Dance which was a big hit. Student Council reps and Senior Ambassadors helped make the freshman feel more comfortable. It seemed like a lot of the students had a great time and it got them excited for the upcoming year.

October is a big month for the MHS Student Council. We are volunteering at the New Life Foundation which is a charitable organization that accepts tax-deductible donations of furniture and household items, warehouses them and makes them available at no charge to those in need. We also have spirit week and the spirit dance next week (10/4-10/7). The days go as follows:

Tuesday: Storm coming (prepare for a weather storm - rain gear, snow gear, etc.)
Wednesday: The Great Outdoors (camouflage, hiking gear, animal costumes, etc.)
Thursday: Vacation Day (tropical and/or tacky tourist attire)
Friday: White Out (this is the same theme for the football game and spirit dance as well)

Here is the link to the spirit week video:

After the home football game that night (10/7) there will be a spirit dance starting from the end of the game until 10:30. This is an all school dance!!! Tickets are required for entry for both the game and dance. Tickets are $10 each and include admission to both the football game and dance (*if you plan on going to the dance, you MUST go to the football game as well). Tickets will go on sale TUESDAY (10/4) AFTER SCHOOL in the CAFETERIA. Tickets must be paid​ for with CHECKS ONLY made out to Medfield High School. Only  400 tickets ​will be sold. First come, first serve, so if you plan on attending, remember your check on Tuesday!

Lastly, the Student Council E-Board is in the process of organizing a workshop for the Student Government Representatives. We believe it will be a very helpful workshop and hope all Student Government representatives can attend!

Can't wait for a fun-filled October and rest of the 2016-2017 school year!